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Maximizing Recovery: Understanding RVE Compression Gear

Recovery is a crucial aspect of any fitness regimen, yet it's often overlooked or undervalued. Proper recovery allows our bodies to repair and rebuild, leading to improved performance and overall well-being. At RVE Compression, we understand the importance of recovery, which is why we've developed specific guidelines to help you optimize your post-workout or post-game recovery using our compression gear.

Intermittent vs. Endurance: Tailored Recovery Solutions

Our compression gear is designed to meet the unique needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts across various disciplines. Whether you engage in intermittent activities like soccer, hockey or basketball sessions or endurance events like the marathon, cycling or triathlon, we offer specialized recovery solutions to support your recovery journey effectively.

Intermittent Recovery Guidelines:

For intermittent activities such as basketball and hockey, we recommend wearing RVE compression leggings or calf sleeves during the designated recovery period. After training, start your recovery immediately, wearing compression gear for:

  • 3 hours for normal intensity
  • 6 hours for high intensity

These compression garments promote circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, accelerating your body's recovery process.

Endurance Recovery Guidelines:

For endurance activities like races or prolonged training sessions, our compression gear provides extended support to enhance recovery. After completing your endurance event or workout, follow these recovery guidelines:

  • Wear compression gear for 6 hours for normal intensity or 12 hours for high intensity.
  • Begin recovery immediately after the race or training session.
  • For races, start recovery within 24 hours and continue for up to 72 hours for optimal recovery benefits.

Customized Recovery Solutions:

At RVE Compression, we understand that every athlete's recovery needs are unique. That's why our recovery guidelines offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor your recovery approach based on your individual preferences and training intensity. Whether you prefer shorter or longer recovery periods, our compression gear provides the support you need to recover faster and perform at your best. Check out our Instagram for more guidelines.


Recovery is an essential component of any successful training program, and RVE Compression is here to support you every step of the way. By following our recovery guidelines and incorporating our compression gear into your post-workout or post-game routine, you can maximize your recovery and optimize your performance. Invest in your recovery today and experience the difference RVE Compression can make in your fitness journey.

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