RVE Compression represents the best of innovation in athletic performance wear. Engineered with advanced materials and precision design. RVE garments provide targeted support to key muscle groups, optimizing blood flow and reducing muscle fatigue.

Unique Compression Profile

The design of our product was carefully constructed in order to support specific muscle chains. Our products bridge the gap between comfort and compression, scientifically proven to enhance an athlete’s recovery process.


The WeftLock fabric is engineered using a special knitting construction, providing a high compression rate while being very elastic. Assuring 4-way stretch the most comfortable fit and free range of motion.

Scientifically proven

Our research was conducted at the Sports & Science Laboratory- Jacques Rogge at Ghent University which is ranked as one of the top 10 sports & science universities in the world. The research was primarily focused on runners and finding out what the effect would be of the RVE compression on their performance and recovery. 5 different compression conditions were tested during which both subjective and physiological parameters were registered. The results of the research showed that the RVE technology clearly enhances an athlete’s performance and decreases his rate of perceived exertion.

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Athletes Stories


“Since using RVE, not only has my physical condition improved, but also that I can rely on it mentally to give me the support I need.” 

Sander de Wijn

Dutch National team European Champion 2015, 2017, 2021

"Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be the best athlete on the court. Nothing has changed since then.

RVE makes a huge difference to me in striving to be the best, to be elite."

Retin Obasohan

Belgian National Team Derthona Basket (Serie A)

“My legs are my engine. They power every single punch.

A good feeling with the RVE products is that you have a stable and safe feeling. At the same time you can move freely in it, that is very important to me in boxing.”

Victor Schelstraete

Belgium's first boxing medalist

“The compression of RVE extends to the entire leg. Not just the calves but also the upper legs. The pressure that comes with it gives me extra support. 

When I wear RVE, I generally feel stronger and firmer.”

Mieke Gorissen

Olympic athlete & 4 time Belgian champion (10km, half-marathon, cross country)

“Recovery as a professional football player is very important. More and more is always being asked of a player.

You perform, or always to perform as good as you possibly can. Those small percentages that RVE improves my recovery help me in the build-up to the next game.”

Charles Vanhoutte

Union Saint-Gilloise

"I’ve run multiple ultra runs in the RVE Compression leggings, and my legs were feeling significantly better than they usually do. No soreness, no fatigue, they fit perfectly.

I’m not sure what kind of magic these leggings are made of, but I’m hooked.”

Kenneth Brouckmeersch

Spartathlon, Marathon des Sables, 6 Days Run Belgium.