RVE was born in a small confection lab in the quest for performance enhancing products for athletes. It is the culmination of over a century of Liebaert Textile’s expertise and the constant quest for perfection and innovation. Our products bridge the gap between comfort and compression, scientifically proven to enhance an athlete’s performance and increase his and her recovery.


Liebaert textiles – the mother company behind RVE – was founded back in 1887. Renowned throughout the industry for our ability to develop and manufacture unique elastic fabrics we have earned a high-ranking spot at the very top of the European textile industry.

Innovation and quality have always been key to Liebaert’s survival and that’s why we created RV-ELITE. A product that combines over a century of accumulated textile knowledge with extensive scientific research.

The RVE garments are created with the passion for craftsmanship that only authentic family labels can truly guarantee. Every stitch, loop and thread finds its origin 100% on Belgian soil, in our own hometown of Deinze.

Today, Liebaert remains a family-run business with a strong commitment towards our employees and the environment. We believe that ‘premium’ is a title that should be earned over and over again. This strengthens our belief that our products are not only better for the customer, but also for the environment and for our people involved in production. We like our fabrics to stretch — but not our principles.



The RVE technology bridges the gap between compression and comfort, scientifically proven to enhance the performance and recovery of the most elite athletes on the planet.

Our products don’t just offer compression,
they define it!

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